About CBD Vida

The CBD Vida is a binational company Life, with administrative and operational headquarters in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2016, the CBD Vida works with professional trained and specialized teams in research, medical consulting, legal advice, international logistics, communication, marketing and customs legislation.

Mindful of the needs of patients, we at CBD Vida we seek always the best partnerships with the best laboratories and suppliers of the planet to ensure that products with the highest purity and quality index.


The CBD Vida has as main objective to facilitate the access to cannabidiol (CBD) in national territory to patients who use the asset under medical prescription. Our company has as one of its goals to ensure top quality products, obtained only with certified producers in countries where cultivation is legal.

We challenge inspiring become the largest distributor of derivatives of cannabidiol (CBD) throughout Latin America.

Our Values

We at CBD Vida are committed to improving the lives of patients and their families. To this end, we invest in people and in humanitarian principles that correspond to the essence of our organization. We aim to always empower and inform the medical community with current information, based on surveys, which show how the therapy employed with this administration focused on plants contributes to stop cycles of physical and psychological suffering.

We also know that the access to the substantial cost and active that vulnerable families have fewer opportunities to achieve this increase. Therefore, we at CBD Vida maintain a legal channel of advice, with attorneys, to promote actions by the State to the CBD.